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Why Media Releases

Media Releases are an effective and profitable strategy that local businesses of all sizes can take advantage of right now!

Why Media?

Using Media Releases the right way is one of the fastest methods to boost SEO page one rankings and Map 3Pack rankings that I have ever seen… and for some reason very few people/marketers are doing it (probably because they don’t know how).

It’s like a hidden gem in the SEO world… a backdoor that only “insiders” know about, and now you know it too.

I guess people don’t use them because they think it’s too time consuming, hard, or extremely expensive to get into a news website.

The good news for you – they’re completely wrong.

I have real-world tested results that boost SEO and Map 3Pack rankings in the Roadworthy Certificates, Digital Printing, Cosmetic Surgery and Household Goods Rental markets.

In fact, I got a brand new website on page one of Google inside of three months by just using 3 Media Releases and nothing else.



Wide Distribution

What makes this such a powerful system is due to our distribution platform.  We use good authority websites with news content. On average our content lands on over 450+ news sites.

We believe that Google loves news and will prioritise this content over any other.

For local businesses this means more exposure and more rankings which in essence means more sales. This strategy works for any local business, regardless if they are based in USA, Canada, Australia, or UK, it really makes absolutely no difference.

It is not a set and forget system as you need to continually provide content every single month to ensure we make the most out this strategy.

The good news is that we do it all for you! We plan out a 12 month program with you and we get to work on your behalf.

We also have full distribution reports showing you exactly where the media releases where distributed to and some of the search terms they rank for.

Driving Targeted Traffic

Driving traffic to your website is the most important task a marketing campaign should do. But not just any traffic, in fact, good quality traffic is what you really want.

We are experts at driving quality traffic to your website using Media Releases.  The trick is to focus on where the traffic is, and this usually on ‘long tail’ keyword.

While everyone else is targeting the short tail (or the top 100 KWs – as you can see above) and spending heavily on Google Ads and SEO ranking, we instead take up the lion’s share of the traffic by focusing on the long tail keywords.

You see, these keyword come with a whole lot of benefits. They are much more targeted, for example a search such as ‘Southport Dentist’ doesn’t tell us much about what they are thinking whereas a keyword like ‘Broken Tooth Emergency Dentist Southport’ tells us a lot more.

These long tail keywords can make you much more money because they attract the right type of prospects to your website and business.



Are You Ready ?

Okay, with that little bit of background are you ready to find out 
how to make the media work for you?


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